Executive Coaching, Team Building, and Strategic Planning

“Susan Andrews is a expert in leadership and executive coaching. Her personable style and open-ended questioning techniques takes leaders from a tactical implementation focus to putting in place the steps necessary to achieve the strategic vision of the organization. She builds trust at each step creating a solid foundation for people to work on embracing and implenting change.” Ken Myers, Manager, Quality Control, FAA

“Thanks for giving so much of yourself-your energy, honesty and caring was truly appreciated.  We will all remember how you took us on a journey to become a group.”  Senior Executive, FEI

“You have been wonderful. Thanks for all of your support. You have made FEI a great experience for me and the Team” Senior Executive, FEI

“Thanks for continuing to ‘ask the questions’ and keeping our focus.”  Senior Executive, FEI

Career Management

“Susan is an outstanding coach. Lots of energy; always prepared; responsive; thoughtful. Susan’s questions challenged me to think about career goals and achievements. Her “why?”, “how?”, and “what?” questions are always thoughtful and get to the heart of a statement. In her understated manner, Susan managed to get to the core not only of my work but also of my personality. It was an incredibly empowering exercise, though I had originally set out solely to get her help in preparing a more effective CV.”Nora V. Demleitner, Proffessor of Law

As a client of Susan’s career coaching services, I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her. Susan was totally committed to my success, and brought enormous professionalism and expertise to the engagement. As a direct result of my work with her, I now have a professional resume and coaching bio that I am genuinely proud to offer to prospective clients and business partners. Susan not only really “knows her stuff”, but is also a real pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan (in fact, I have already done so) to anyone seeking high-quality career transition coaching and counseling assistance. She’s the real deal!” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative, LinkedIn endorsement from Leadership Coach at Steve Heller & Associates, LLC

“Susan’s approachability and knowledge of the local job market was incredibly beneficial to me.  She helped me make contacts and identify resources that I had not previously considered.  Her coaching is noteworthy and enabled me to quickly and effectively define and communicate my job expectations.  Thank you, Susan!”  Senior Manager, Target Corporation


Small Business Coaching

“Susan’s coaching skills enabled me to focus on what was important. She challenged me to think outside the box and discover how my own assumptions and beliefs were limiting me. With her coaching I was able to generate possibilities that I had been unaware of as options. From there it was easier to focus on a plan of action that would create the outcomes that were most leveraging to my business and myself. The balancing of my identity with my company’s purpose has increased the bottom line results for both my business and myself. ” Mary Pat Mueller, Mueller & Associates

“Susan’s candid, yet respectful approach was most helpful to me in allowing me to identify my issues and to work through them and come to some tough decisions that affected my business. She has, in my experience, a tremendous grasp of how to be an effective coach and was a great asset to me in my coaching experience with her.  Susan was able to help me to come to terms with many organizational issues I faced for my business and for my continued career development and financial security. ” Claire Ivey,  Metamorphosis Consulting, Alameda CA

“I found Susan’s coaching to be very beneficial in helping me clarify and focus on particular issues and resolve to implement a solution. She played an integral part in my business development initiatives. I am happy to recommend her coaching services. Emily Sterrett, Performance Works

“Susan has been a great resource for me as a Business Coach.  Since working with Susan, I have become more aware of how my habits effect my work and business relationships.  I am now able to deal with work issues more objectively and am finding that I’m getting more accomplished and am feeling more satisfied in my work environment.”    Robin Lebo, Lebo Direct

“Susan’s coaching was extremely effective in helping me to clarify and focus on my professional goals as a Financial  Services Representative. This resulted in increased efficiency  and  better time management ,  enabling me to accomplish goals  which had previously been out of my reach.”
Morris Kauffman, Wienken & Associates

“Working with Susan truly motivated me to move forward with my business plans. Her guidance and encouragement inspired confidence to review and take care of fundamental issues and objectives. I consider my resulting accomplishments and sense of direction a tribute to Susan’s vibrant, thorough and supportive coaching style. ” Deb Harkgrader, A Small Business Owner

Training, Presentations & Program Management

“Susan’s knowledge, creativity, attention to detail, and results orientation make it both productive and a pleasure to work with her on training projects.” Tom Dowd, Senior Director of Program Development, Center for University Programs, University of Virginia

“I have had the opportunity to work with Susan Andrews and share in one of her presentations on effective coaching for the Valleys of Virginia ASTD Chapter in Roanoke, VA.  Susan’s presentation highlighted her depth of knowledge in the area of professional and executive coaching and her commitment to sharing professionally.  The program introduced a hands-on approach to professional coaching supported by a systematic process that is applicable toward real-life situations.  Susan’s ability to effectively apply consulting techniques and good listening practices into her coaching demonstrations is indicative of what she could offer potential clients and organizations.   Our ASTD Chapter is appreciative of the time, expertise, and professionalism provided our organization through her presentation.” Randy Hollandsworth, Vice President of Programs, Valleys of Virginia American Society for Training and Development, Roanoke, VA

“Susan recently spoke to our group of insurance professionals. She led us through an interactive discussion on the management of stress. Her presentation lead the group to identify its own unique pressure points and to share alternatives among ourselves rather than having her provide us a textbook answer. Her leadership was directly on point.” Debra Davis, AIC – President, Female Adjusters of Richmond and Associates

“Susan Andrews provides exceptional training on unlawful harassment with great ability and training style. She is knowledgeable, motivated and keeps her audience involved and enthused. I highly recommend her and her evaluations prove that the participants do as well.” Tess Schlemmer, HR Manager, American Press, LLC

”The information Susan provided to our faculty and staff was succinct and useful, and, more importantly, she set a tone of collegiality that encouraged dialogue about concerns that are sensitive and sometimes controversial.” Allison Montgomery, Associate Director, Student Health, University of Virginia




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